I love getting post cards, especially areound Christmas time. Some people think this is an old school way of communictaing but I personally love getting anything in the mail that isn't junk or a bill.

There's a company called Touchnote who reported from Journalism.co.uk that lets you send personalized, printed postcards using your cell phone and Facebook photos.  And they analyzed 2,000 postcards to come up with these trends . . .

29% of Americans send postcards containing pictures of their children.

15% send a postcard that has a "funny" or irreverent picture.

19% send a postcard with a romantic image.

Now, with modern technology letting people customize their own postcard photos, only 15% sent an old-school scenic image.

Less than 1% sign their postcards with the old "XOXO" hugs and kisses thing.

People send postcards featuring pictures of pets . . . but almost exclusively dogs.  99% of the postcards containing a picture of an animal featured a dog.

Only 42% of the postcards were sent while people were on vacation.

0.2% put their sonogram photo on a postcard.