While I don't love winter, I can appreciate a good snow storm...as long as I don't have to go anywhere. I will say that because it took me an hour to get home yesterday. Because it took me so long I was able to see everyone out in the snow.  

I noticed a lot of snow men being built, snow ball fights and a lot of angry husbands scooping snow. Ok, some husbands looked happy but most of them looked really ticked off. I also noticed a lot of tense looking mothers when I picked my son up from pre-school...driving in three inches of new snow in a mini van isn't exactly ideal.

This made me realize that I think the only people who truly like snow is everyone under the age of 20. You never see anyone running out of the office shouting, "Man I can't wait to get home so I can play in the snow". Instead you usually hear, "Crap, I have to drive 5 miles an hour all the way across town in this stupid snow storm".

I may be wrong, you tell me...