I've heard it said that everyone has a doppelganger roaming around the planet, and there have been strange stories of people coming face-to-face with their twin. While it isn't impossible for there to be an exact twin of you somewhere else on Earth, it is improbable. But what if you did? And what if your twin was a celebrity? And rich?

Today is National Look-A-Like Day! The day where we celebrate... well, I don't really know, but I guess it's about looking like someone, or them looking like you.

The game of the day is find the celebrity you think you most resemble. I personally think that's a little egotistical to brazenly declare that you look like a celebrity, so I let technology do it for me. Let's see who tech thinks I look like.

Google Image

Google now has a really cool feature where you can search by image for an image. You can even just drop in a URL and let it go. Google is sort of reliable, right? This should be a no brainer. I took my Facebook profile image and plugged it in to Google Image:

Mitt Romney? Are you freaking kidding me? This is for all the times I called Android garbage, isn't it?


Picadilo offers the most straight forward celebrity look-a-like software. You plug in your pic, Picadilo analyzes it, and then generates responses based on the photo.

Um... Angelina Jolie? Holly Hunter? The system is broken.


Apparently I either look like Mitt Romney or Angelina Jolie. Maybe the search will work better for you. Happy National Look-A-Like Day!