This is REALLY hard for me to believe because if I have to be in a swimming suit I freak out for at least a week leading up to it. Maybe we shouldn't believe the hype . . . most women really don't hate their bodies, and most of them aren't afraid to go to the beach this summer. WHAT?

In a new survey by "ShopSmart" magazine from PR Newswire, only 18% of women . . . or less than one in five . . . say they DISLIKE the way they look in a swimsuit.

One out of three women LIKE the way they look in a swimsuit, and about two out of five are neutral.

All that being said . . . 65% say that bathing suit shopping is hard, and finding one that flatters their body is a challenge.  About one-third of women buy a new suit each year.

42% of women say the hardest thing to find in a suit is enough support up top . . . 31% have trouble finding one with enough coverage up top . . . and 30% have the most trouble finding one that properly accentuates their sweet buttocks.

The survey also found that 50% of women buy swimsuits at department stores . . . 61% shop for them alone . . . and the average amount they spend on one is $47.