Last night we went to a 5 year-old's Birthday party. You wouldn't think that a Birthday party would be that much fun but we had a great time. The party was done with a Monster included: homemade monsters for each child, homemade grab bags, monster cup cakes, eye ball balloons and eyeballs that all the children could wear. So fun!

At the party I overheard my husband talking with another dad about women going above and beyond to throw a great Birthday party. The two dads discussed how far in advance women start planning, the amount of money spent, the late nights spent sewing and baking and of course the over the top themes.

I usually disagree with my husband when he says I am over the top, but I think he may have a point with my kid's Birthdays. It made me think about all the kids birthday parties I have been to and I realized that I am definitely not the only mother that goes a little to far. One mother that I know built a plank for the kids to walk across for her son's Pirate Birthday party.

Personally, I love throwing over the top parties. You kids are only yound once...right?