STEVEN TYLER performed the National Anthem before yesterday's New England Patriots / Baltimore Ravens game .

For the most part, it was exactly what you'd expect out of a Steven Tyler National Anthem . . . But apparently people were expecting MUCH more, because it seems like everyone is SLAMMING him for it.

Most of the haters were ragging on Steven's voice.  (--Steven got ALMOST all of the words right.  He sang, quote, "and the rockets' red glare as bombs bursting in air" instead of "and the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air.")

The Associated Press is saying it wouldn't have gotten him a Golden Ticket to Hollywood . . . called it one of the worst anthems of all time . . . said he "butchered" it . . .

And columnist Jason Whitlock Tweeted, "Steven Tyler [was] far more obscene than Janet Jackson's [rhymes with BITTY]." 

One site said he "screeched and murdered" the Anthem, and asked, quote, "How is this guy supposed to pass as a judge on a singing competition when he does this?"  Others wondered if he was sick or had lost his voice.

Meanwhile, the "Boston Herald" defended Steven, sort of.  They called the performance, quote, "pretty decent."  (--You can find videos on YouTube, but there's also a good quality version on