Representative Linden Bateman of Idaho Falls wants to make cursive mandatory for all Idaho School's curriculum. He says it promotes manual dexterity, boosts reading comprehension and enhances cognitive development.

Brad Weiser thinks the idea is a joke and a waste of time and money. I, however, think the idea is brilliant.

Cursive is an important part of the education process. It does indeed promote manual dexterity, but I believe it helps students find their creativity and individuality as well. I can remember practicing my signature for hours in high school trying to make it look as cool as possible for the inevitable day I would sign an autograph... or a check.

Representative Bateman also makes another good point: if we don't teach our kids how to read and write in cursive, they won't be able to read valuable historical articles such as diaries or hand-written documents.

It is true that my handwriting is much sloppier than it used to be (see above)--mainly because I use a keyboard instead of pen and paper now--but I agree with Representative Bateman that cursive is a valuable and necessary tool for today's world.