A lot of people work with their spouse. My parents have done it for their entire lives and somehow they have been successful and stayed married for 31 years. According to Inc.com their are some great benefits in working together.

  • A shared sense of accomplishment.
  • You trust your business partner implicitly (or else you have bigger problems).
  • It’s easier to juggle with four hands than with two. If you’re a parent, working with your spouse makes it much easier to figure out who has to handle the emergency phone call from school. And when you’re the one to deal with that call, you won’t have to deal with a disapproving boss.
  • You bring out the best in each other. Customers see this, and it builds confidence.

While these benefits make sense to me, I am still not convinced. Marriage is work in itself why would you want to add more frustration to it by trying to run a business together? And I personally love the idea of leaving work at the door. If you are married to your boss that could become very difficult. On the otherside we all want to spend more time with ourt spouses so why not spend all of our time with them?