San Francisco Chronicle reported that this year, more and more schools started experimenting with "virtual" days when it was too snowy to safely get kids to school.  Teachers broadcasted their lessons online and their students were required to watch and participate.

By holding virtual lessons, the schools don't have to make up the missed school days at the end of the year.

Josie Holford is the head of the Poughkeepsie Day School in New York.  They're moving to virtual days when it snows because, quote, "Learning isn't confined anymore.  Why should a snow day stop the progress of learning?"

What do you think should we put virtual lessons in to play during snow days?

We all remember pressing our ear up to the radio speaker when we were little hoping that the DJ would announce a snow day for our school. There wasn't much of anything that was better than a snow day. So naturally, The Man is trying to get rid of them.