There are some truly amazing Christmas lights in the Magic Valley. The video above (graciously provided by Amber Vance) shows a house at 489 Polk Street, just off Filer Street, who's lights are perfectly choreographed to Christmas music that's broadcast on their own radio frequency. Just pull up, turn your headlights off, tune to 94.1 and watch the show. It really is remarkable.

The Magic Valley is full of spectacular Christmas Lights! Here's a few that you have to see.

Rock Creek Christmas Lights

Hansen, through Christmas
Known locally as the "South Hills Lights," the Rock Creek Christmas Lights is a tradition with many families in the Magic Valley. Each Christmas they decorate their home and about half of the valley around them. You can take your family down into this immersive Christmas experience and meet the star of the show, Bull the Camel, who is celebrating his 22nd anniversary this year. The lights are on--barring power outages--every night through Christmas.

Festival of Lights Parade

Twin Falls, December 7th
This parade is one parade that could put even Ebenezer Scrooge himself in the Christmas spirit. Twinkling lights, magical floats that come alive on a winter night, even a visit from the jolly old elf himself. What’s not to love about this Christmas tradition? It’s also a good excuse to do some of your Christmas shopping in downtown historic Twin Falls while you’re at it. This year’s Parade will roll down Main Street Friday, December 7th at six pm.

Do you know of any more great light displays? Let us know in the comments. Happy Holidays and enjoy the lights!