BOISE (KTVB) – Greek Yogurt manufacturer Chobani is planning for some international expansion.

The company announced today that it has started exporting to markets in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, beginning with Singapore, Malaysia and Panama.

“Asia and Latin America have untold possibility for Chobani and our expansion in these regions furthers our business opportunities and builds on our founding mission to provide better food for more people,” said David Denholm, President and COO Chobani. “We've had tremendous success in the United States and Australia and we’ll be using our manufacturing hubs to expand our global presence and reach new fans who have been asking for nutritious, delicious Chobani made with only natural ingredients.”

In the U.S., Chobani is the leader in Greek Yogurt sales.

Chobani produces yogurt from its New Berlin, New York and Twin Falls plants