According to DR. PHIL, by the time the average woman turns 60, she's told around 50,000 lies. And by the time a man turns 60, he's told 100,000. That's an average of six lies a day for men, and three a day for women.

--So here's Dr. Phil's list of the top four lies men and women tell each other.

#1.) Number one for both men AND women is . . . "I'm fine". So whether you're a man or a woman, if you say "I'm fine", it means you're probably NOT. Here are the other three lies MEN tell . . .

#2.) "That Doesn't Make You Look Fat." Obviously, some lies NEED to be told.

#3.) "This Is My Last Drink." (--Phone Starter: Do men really lie about drinking more than women do? And do they actually drink more, or do they just want to stay out with their friends and hang out longer?)

#4.) "I'm On My Way." Guys will say it or text it when they're not even CLOSE to being on their way.

--And now here are the other three top lies WOMEN tell . . .

#2.) "I've Got a Headache." It's the easiest way to get out of basically anything, including sex.

#3.) "This Dress Isn't New, I've Had It Forever." Guys don't understand why women buy so many clothes, and women don't want to explain themselves. So they lie about it.

#4.) "This Was Cheap. I Got It On Sale." I guess Dr. Phil thinks the main things women lie about are their wardrobe and how much they paid for it.