The day after Christmas has some of the best sales of the year . . . because stores are getting rid of all of the crap they thought we'd buy.  Unfortunately, most of us are completely tapped out financially to capitalize.

Not these people.

According to a new survey from Washington Post by the giant accounting firm Deloitte, 6% of people say they plan on celebrating Christmas in January.  That's about one out of every 17.

There are different reasons why people postpone Christmas a week . . . but the main one is financial.

Gifts are less expensive . . . travel is less expensive . . . and food is less expensive.  Basically, if you can hold out for two extra weeks, it'll save you a ton.

Of course, if you're not celebrating Christmas on Christmas Day, you're clearly more about the gift-giving aspect of Christmas . . . and less about the birth of Jesus.  Although maybe you're just being honest about what it's become . . .

But at least you can take comfort in knowing that the birth of Jesus probably wasn't December 25th:  About 1,700 years ago, Christians supposedly picked that day to compete with pagan winter festivals celebrating their own gods.

I don't think it matters when you Celebrate Christmas as long as you celebrate it. Hey and if it saves me money sign me up. What do you think?