Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas for Vegetarians — Main Courses
Vegetarians have it rough on Thanksgiving. Meals throughout the holiday season tend to focus pretty heavily on the meat side, none more so than Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, tons of meatless side dishes come with a standard Turkey Day meal, but that’s not the same thing as a main course…
How Many Calories Will Be in Your Thanksgiving Dinner?
Yes, we know your stomachs are still coping with all the Halloween candy you just ate. But believe it or not, Thanksgiving, the mother of all gluttonous holidays, is just a few short weeks away.
The Calorie Control Council tells us that the average American will consume 4,500 calories at Th…
What Happened At Your Thanksgiving Dinner? [POLL]
Since Thanksgiving I have heard lots of different stories about Thanksgiving dinner going a little different than planned. I have heard everything from drunk relatives at the dinner table to cats getting on the table and helping themselves to dinner before anyone else.
Your Week in Awesome Gifs – Thanksgiving Edition
November is winding down, but before we get in the Christmas spirit, we'd like to pay tribute to the wonderfully decadent holiday of Thanksgiving. This week's list of awesome gifs is Thanksgiving themed because we just can't get enough of all that Thanksgiving cheer...
What is Jackie Thankful For?
1. Loving People. Everyone out there, that is nice to one another. I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU!
2. Family
3. My two beautiful sons
4. A husband that puts up with me

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