Top 5 Ways To Mess With Pokemon Go Players In The Magic Valley
There's no denying that Pokemon Go has become a phenomenon in the Magic Valley. If you've seen the number of people on their phone in the park in Twin, you know what I'm talking about. However, there is also no denying people like me that enjoy messing with people. Excuse me while I p…
What Can You Do If The Internet Goes Down
The internet went down at my house today, and the kids were devastated because I'm sure there was a really important mermaid video they needed to watch. Much to our surprise though, you can still play on the internet without a connection.
Have You Seen The Ghost Of Flour Fred?
The Twin Falls Brewing Company is located in an old building. It has a ton of history in that location. If you believe some stories, part of that history remains in the building and he's known as Flour Fred.
Fun With Drones At Idaho’s Sublett Reservoir
Just so you know, we look for every excuse we can to talk about fishing. When you can combine that with drones, you have our full attention. That's why when we heard that YouTuber Eric Hansen took his fancy new DJI Phantom 4 drone to Sublett Reservoir, we knew we were going to have some fun.
Question For Twin Falls Parents
Most people that live in Idaho during the winter love to play on their devices. We play video games with our kids, send emails from our computers, check Facebook on our phones and shop on our tablets.
Our kids love their devices too. If it were up to my 8 year old, he would stay home all da…

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