Disney’s Wall-E Created As a Real Robot [Video]
'Wall-E' is one of my favorite Disney/Pixar films and I've always wondered what it would be like to have a real Wall-E around. It turns out that I'm not the only one. A group of robot builders in California have created a real Wall-E.
Are Smartphones and Computers Ruining Our Handwriting?
When I was younger, I fancied myself a bit of an artist. I actually taught myself Calligraphy and would spend a great deal of time practicing my handwriting. Now, at age 36, my handwriting looks worse than my doctor's. What happened?
It turns out that I'm not the only one concerned about th…
Quick, To The Cloud – The Benefits of Cloud-Based Storage
A recent survey uncovered the confusing fact that one in three people think that using "The Cloud" involves actual clouds. Wrap your head around that one for a minute. I'm trying hard not to laugh, but this happens with any leap forward in technology. There are always those who get it, and…
Yahoo! Weather Needs Your Photos of the Magic Valley
Yahoo! recently launched a new weather app for mobile devices that's quite beautiful and unique. It's a weather app so all of the usual suspects are included: current temperature, highs/lows, chance of precipitation, extended forecast, and the app has a very clean and beautiful presentation.
But here…
Crazy Ants Are Here and They Want to Eat Your Smartphone!
A species of ants nicknamed "crazy ants" are spreading across the U.S.  They're mostly found in Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana but they are spreadding.
These ants love the taste of pretty much any type of electical equipment.
Have You Ever Dropped Your Phone in the Toilet? [Poll]
Our Production Manager Peter just dropped his phone in the toilet. After. Yeah... gross.
Last year my step-son, in his infinite wisdom, was playing a game on his iPod touch while using the restroom and he too deposited his expensive device into the drink.
Is this a common thing? Actually, yes it is.
Terry’s Free App of the Day: Travel In Your Past With Timehop
I'm pretty obsessed with time travel. The fact that leading physicists actually believe that some form of travel across time could be theoretically possible makes my Spidey-Sense tingle. Unfortunately that sort of time travel probably won't happen in my lifetime (unless you have a spare time machine…

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