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Fast Track Video of Twin Falls To Vegas [Sponsored]
One of the perks of living in Southern Idaho is that you're not to far from Vegas. You can fly to Vegas in 3 hours for about $300. Or you can do what I always do and "road trip-it" across Nevada.
If you drive take a reliable the 2015 Nissan Titan Pro 4X from Rob …
Top 3 Places To Wake Surf Near Twin Falls [Sponsored]
We are lucky that Idaho has great rivers and lakes. Idahoans have been water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding (yes...knee boarding) and tubing on Idaho water for years. Now Idahoans are wake surfing! The featured video is Dustin Murphy wake surfing at Wilson Lake in Hazelton.
The Worst Road In Twin Falls and Jerome [Sponsored]
Living in Idaho, I am sure you have been on some awful roads. I know I have. I realize there are a lot of rough, rocky, step roads in the hills and mountains around the Magic Valley but what is the worst road in Twin Falls or Jerome?

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