Bound By Flame Review (PC)
To roughly paraphrase the opening to the action role-playing game Bound By Flame, every undead monster you kill is just one fewer monster, while every living soldier they kill swells their ranks further.
Titanfall Review (Xbox One)
Through the electrified smoke, corpses of militia grunts and pilots can be seen strewn across the rubble of the crumbling building. At one time, it was a majestic piece of architecture. Now, all that remains is the husk of life once lived. We've managed to push back and defend the fueling depot…
Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse Review
The product of successful Kickstarter campaign, Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse, from developer Revolution, has finally been released on the App Store after a development period of about half a year. It puts the series’ longtime protagonists, American lawyer George Stobbart and French freelance …
Deadman’s Cross Review
Much as with a real zombie apocalypse, the undead are everywhere these days, and no medium is more infected with their proliferation than gaming. Square Enix isn't immune to the alluring pustulence of the walking dead, which is why it’s gotten in on the action with Deadman's Cross, an odd hybrid of …

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