Fair Food Combinations
Let's talk fair food. Last year at the Twin Falls County Fair, I tried a hamburger on a donut bun. It was probably the best burger at the fair. Other combinations have been going on for years. Peaches and cream, caramel apples, fish burgers, pork sundaes and more.
Best Barbecue Food
Barbecues are one of the best things about summer. I've been to enough barbecues to know that a lot of you could be professional grillers, smokers, roasters, etc. Some of the best food I have ever had has been at summer barbecues. I've had amazing prime rib, extraordinary smoked ham and aw…
What Do Mothers Really Want For Mothers Day? [POLL]
Mothers Day is this weekend! It snuck up on you, didn't it?
I've learned that if you want to get someone what they really want you just ask them. Especially women!
If you are a mommy take our poll and tell us what you would love to have this Mothers Day...
Which Idahoan Deserves To Be On A Dollar Bill? (POLL)
In case you've been living under a rock, Harriet Tubman will soon be on the twenty dollar bill. No disrespect intended to her tribute, but the change in money made me wonder who in Idaho could deserve the honor to be on money someday. Here are some ideas. Please feel free to add your own and vo…
Vote For Magic Valley’s 2016 Teacher of the Year
It's impossible to measure the importance of a good teacher in the lives of our kids. That's why we want to pay tribute to the educators in the Magic Valley. Thank you for your nominations. We've narrowed down the list of nominations to ten Magic Valley teachers, and now you can …

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