Would You Share a Dessert with a Co-worker Off the Same Plate? [POLL]
An associate of mine was in town yesterday so I met him for lunch.  When it came time to order dessert, I passed but he said that I “just had to try” the apple crisp with ice cream.  Again, I declined.  He went ahead and ordered and asked the waitress to bring two spoons.
Say what?  Sharing off of a …
Twin Falls Comfort Food
We recently discovered what peoples comfort foods were across the nation. According to Harris Poll, these are the top national comfort foods:
1. Pizza.
2. Chocolate.
3. Ice cream.
4. Macaroni and cheese.
5. Chips.
We want to know if this list matches up with Twin Fall's comfort foods...
When Do You Hang Your Christmas Lights? [poll]
About half of my block is covered in lights right now. As I stand in the cold looking down the street, I can't help but think I should have been hanging lights a few weeks ago when it was so nice outside.
Gory Halloween Decorations
Rather you want a friendly witch in your front yard, or a field of zombies covered in blood. You can buy almost any kind of Halloween decoration you want, until your neighbors complain.

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