Is Diet Soda Killing You? [POLL]
I was visiting my sister over the weekend and while we were visiting I asked her for a diet soda. She practically yelled at me that diet soda will kill me! I laughed at her reaction but later thought... is my beloved diet soda really killing me? So I did what every brilliant American does and &q…
Who Will Win The Big Game?
I truly thought that San Fransisco was going to be in the big game this year, even though Seattle had bet San Francisco earlier in the season. No matter how much I wanted San Francisco to be in the Super Bowl its... Denver and Seattle.
Do You Think 2014 Will Go Better For You Than 2013?
This might be the ultimate test of whether you're an optimist or a pessimist.  How do you think 2014 is going to go for you? I would like to think that most of us would want 2014 to go better than 2013, but maybe 2013 was amazing!
According to Newsfactor 49% of people say they believe thing…
Is It Mean To Force Your Child on Santa’s Lap?
It is always fun to go see Santa but it can be intimidating and even scarey for a small child. This weekend my boys were waiting for their turn to see Santa. The little girl in front of us was dressed in a beautiful Christmas dress, but was screaming because she was so scared of Santa! The little gi…
Are Christmas Letters Annoying?
Christmas cards are great! Christmas is the only time of year I get items in my mail box that aren't bills. Christmas cards remind me of the people I care for...and often times remind me of all the great friends and family I have that live out of town. Cards with family pictures are the most co…
Is Washing Your Hair Once a Week Gross?
Girls everywhere are talking about the "no-poo" way of taking care of their hair. I am hoping there are other names for it, but "no-poo" is the only term I have heard. This process eliminates shampoo and conditioner entirely.

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