Would You Rather Lose Your Wallet or Your Keys? [poll]
I think I've lost my keys for the first time ever.
I've misplaced my keys before only to have them pop up in some random place a few days later but this time, I think I've lost my keys for realzies.
A few of my friends at work have been telling me how much they would be freaking ou…
What’s Your Dream Job? [POLL]
I love dream questions, like: what would you do with a million dollars and if you could move anywhere, where would you go? Today I was asked a dream question. It was rather simple but, I wasn't able to answer right away. I was asked, "If I could have any job in the world…
Was The Lego Movie Good? [POLL]
It looks like everyone but my family went to see The Lego Movie over the weekend. The movie brought in $69.1 million over the weekend. That figure includes $17.1 million on Friday night and $30.9 million on Saturday. After seeing these numbers, I assume the movie was awesome...
What Was The Best Super Bowl Ad?
I have to admit, I was too busy catching up with friends, holding babies and checking on kids to watch the Super Bowl commercials this year. A friend of mine said the ads were terrible! Is this true?
Is Diet Soda Killing You? [POLL]
I was visiting my sister over the weekend and while we were visiting I asked her for a diet soda. She practically yelled at me that diet soda will kill me! I laughed at her reaction but later thought... is my beloved diet soda really killing me? So I did what every brilliant American does and &q…
Who Will Win The Big Game?
I truly thought that San Fransisco was going to be in the big game this year, even though Seattle had bet San Francisco earlier in the season. No matter how much I wanted San Francisco to be in the Super Bowl its... Denver and Seattle.

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