Which Clock Do You Set Last for Daylight Savings? [poll]
This morning when I got in my truck to head to work, I had to think for a minute about what time it really was.  I'm pretty good about changing the clocks in my house but for some reason, it takes me a month or two before I adjust my clock to daylight savings.
Is It Okay To Watch Netflix at Work? [Poll]
Is it okay to watch Netflix at your desk during the day? Now I realize that this question might lead you to immediately say, "No way!"  But before you answer, I'd like you to really think about it.
Who Was Best Dressed at The Oscars?
Part of the reason I watch the Oscars is to see the stunning dresses on actresses. The gentlemen at the Oscars clean up nicely but, there is nothing like an amazing dress on a beautiful actress.
Would You Rather Lose Your Wallet or Your Keys? [poll]
I think I've lost my keys for the first time ever.
I've misplaced my keys before only to have them pop up in some random place a few days later but this time, I think I've lost my keys for realzies.
A few of my friends at work have been telling me how much they would be freaking ou…
What’s Your Dream Job? [POLL]
I love dream questions, like: what would you do with a million dollars and if you could move anywhere, where would you go? Today I was asked a dream question. It was rather simple but, I wasn't able to answer right away. I was asked, "If I could have any job in the world…
Was The Lego Movie Good? [POLL]
It looks like everyone but my family went to see The Lego Movie over the weekend. The movie brought in $69.1 million over the weekend. That figure includes $17.1 million on Friday night and $30.9 million on Saturday. After seeing these numbers, I assume the movie was awesome...
What Was The Best Super Bowl Ad?
I have to admit, I was too busy catching up with friends, holding babies and checking on kids to watch the Super Bowl commercials this year. A friend of mine said the ads were terrible! Is this true?

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