Are Cars Better Than Trucks?
If you want to know the truth about anything, ask a 7 year old! People in Idaho will argue that trucks are the only type of vehicle Idahoans should drive. We are farmers and ranchers, we get every kind of weather imaginable and apparently...once you own a truck you won't own anything else.
Are You Ready For Your Kids to go Back To School?
Yesterday I saw a flier for, "Back To School". Every mom feels slightly overwhelmed when "Back to School" is mentioned. There is a lot to do in order to get your kids ready for school... AND, back to school time is extremely expensive! So, you can imagine my surpr…
Are Idahoans Ready for 80mph?
Starting July 1st the speed limit will officially change to 80mph on the interstate in Idaho. The speed limit on Interstates 15, 84 and 86 will be 80 mph for vehicular traffic and 70 mph for trucks, except in urban areas such as Boise, Pocatello and Idaho Falls. There, the speed limit will stay at 6…
Do You Despise Yard Work? [POLL]
It's yard work season! Some yards are easy to care for, if you were smart and put in weed mat and rock, other yards can consume your entire weekend. Flower beds always seem like a great idea, until you have more weeds than bushes or flowers.
Will There Be a Fireworks Show in Twin Falls This Year?
Everyone loves the 4th of July. It’s a time to celebrate our country’s freedom, watch fireworks and BBQ with friends and family. Would it be the same without fireworks? Every year, gathering donations for Twin Falls' fireworks becomes more and more difficult.
Is It OK To Leave Your Child in The Car For 5 Minutes? [Poll]
A few weekends ago I was reading one of mommy magazines on our way back from a family vacation. As I was reading I was feeling like a slight failure. All of the articles were about, "Amazing Mommy Projects", that I would never attempt. Then I came across an article that would chang…
Is the Food at Culver’s Awesome? [POLL]
Culver's is open, and from the looks of it...everyone in Twin Falls has tried their food. Last night around 6:00 there was a line wrapped around the entire restaurant. I've heard nothing but good things about Culver's, and I am as equally excited to try their frozen custard and cheese…
Twin Falls Favorite Burger, Fries, Pizza and More [results]
America is a wonderful place for fast food options. A recent poll was taken that noted Americas favorite fast food stops. After living in the Twin Falls area for nearly 30 years, I've noticed that we like to buck the trend when it comes to food so I made a local poll that you took and here are …

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