Election Day Information
November 4th 2014 is election day. GO VOTE! A lot of residence feel like their vote doesn't count, but if everyone voted our poll results would be a very different. Which means, our state would be a lot different! That being said...please click on the links below, that have been provided by Idahovot…
Fun With the Prez – Austin 2014
It's the next video in our Fun With the Prez series... this time from Austin 2014.  What can I say... we enjoy hearing him talk about Mark Wahlberg.
Our first video (State of the Union 2014 splice-up) is located here.
[VIDEO] Fun With the Prez – State of the Union 2014
The 2014 State of the Union address covered a variety of topics, from bus-borne illnesses, to Congress taking flight, to Michelle giving Somalia the finger.
President Barack Obama's 2014 State of the Union speech surprised everyone.
Why Do I Keep Getting Picked For Jury Duty [POLL]
Jury duty is the responsibility that we all have and mostly look for an excuse to not do. Some people never have to come up with an excuse - because they never get called in - so why do I keep getting picked for jury duty?
Do You Support The Filer Mayor/City Council Recall Efforts [poll]
Following the February shooting of a service dog by Filer police officer Tarek Hassani and the investigation by the Nampa Police department, Filer residents have  now begun the process to recall Mayor Rick Dunn as well as the four Council Members and have collected enough signatures needed…
Idaho Being Sued in Federal Court Over Ag-Gag Law
BOISE -- A coalition of groups and organizations is suing Idaho in federal court over the controversial "Ag-Gag" law.  The Ag-Gag law made it illegal to secretly film animal abuse at agricultural facilities, that is, without permission from the facility.

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