Guess What’s For Free In Filer? (PHOTOS)
I would argue that some of the best bargains in the Magic Valley are found in the free part of Twin Falls Craigslist. That has happened again today as a real gem has appeared and this time it's in Filer. Want to take a wild guess what it is?
You Know You’re From Idaho When You Laugh At These Pictures
If someone claims to be a native Idahoan, here's a test you can give them to see if they're telling the truth. If they don't laugh at these pictures, they're a faker - or from Oregon. If they start laughing so hard the Pepsi starts coming out of their ears when they see these, th…
Panoramas Of Twin Falls And Hailey, Idaho From 1913
According to Wikipedia, in 1913, there were approximately 6,000 people that lived in Twin Falls. Think about that. In 2016, we have that many people trying to turn left onto Blue Lakes at 5 pm. Yes, Twin Falls was a very different place back then. Duh. There are two panoramas that have just been dis…
Here Are The Three Newest Homes For Sale In Twin Falls
There are houses going on the market in Twin Falls all the time. I decided for fun to see what the three most recent homes were according to Zillow. Keep in mind this list can change any moment. But, this is current as of Monday afternoon looking for homes in the zip code of 83301. Check out what I …

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