Summer Fun – Twin Falls Homes Available That Have Pools (PHOTOS)
I love pools. I find myself seeking out every neighbor who has a pool and finding excuses why I need to come over. Sometimes, they even invite me before I arrive. That fact inspired me to seek out all the Twin Falls homes currently available on Zillow that have bodies of water that I can sun myself …
Did You See The Weird Shadow In The Twin Falls Sky Thursday?
I have something weird for you. For me, that's actually normal. But, follow me on this one. Thursday afternoon, my wife saw a really strange shadow that went across the entire sky. It ran adjacent to a jet trail. But, the strange part is the shadow extended far beyond where the jet was in the s…
The Most Amazing Twin Falls Instagram Pics This Week (PHOTOS)
If you want compelling photos that will inspire tons of likes and shares on Instagram, you need to come to Twin Falls. These are the Instagram people that completely knocked it out of the park this week. Behold, the most amazing Twin Falls pics we could find on Instagram this week.

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