Relax And Enjoy A 360 View Of This Idaho River
It's not easy going back to work after a long holiday weekend. If you've been dreading this day, I understand. I feel your pain. That's why I've located something you can relax to while you cope with the fact that you're now required to do work again.
This Stanley Chateau Might Be Best Thing Ever
Being realistic is highly overrated. Here's a great example. No, I cannot afford to buy this home. And, even if I could, it wouldn't be possible to commute to Twin for my job. BUT, if we're not being realistic, this Stanley chateau might be the best thing since whatever the previous b…
6 Times Your Pictures Made Us Laugh Really Loud
It's not easy to make us laugh. We consider ourselves a pretty sophisticated bunch. (Please try to contain your own laughter at that thought) But, there are several times you have shared pictures that amused us so much we made some very embarrassing sounds in public.

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