Twin Falls Pets Comfort Girl Battling Brain Tumor
When you're a kid you know what you like and little Phoebe really likes animals! Phoebe is battling a brain tumor and has found that the easiest way to ease the pain and take her mind off the sickness is interacting with animals.
When Is The 2016 Furr Ball Fundraiser
Every day of the year the Twin Falls Animal Shelter makes an impact on our community by taking in, caring for, and finding homes for cats and dogs (and sometimes chickens and bunnies)! The Furr Ball is their biggest fundraiser of the year and helps with the emergency care fund.
10 Animals You Can’t Have As A Pet In Idaho [VIDEO]
Some people have crazy pets. My brother in law used to have a Sugar Glider and I've met people who had pet ferrets. I know it gets crazier than that though since some people have pet tigers and poisonous snakes. Honestly though - I think people who just have indoor cats are pretty crazy!
Watch Out For The Dog Flu In Idaho
If you're a dog owner, there's no reason to be worried - yet. But, be aware that the dog flu has been reported in Washington state and also Montana. And, this strain of the dog flu is very contagious.

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