Performance Reviews For Marriages?
No marriage is perfect. Marriage is work that usually comes with great rewards. I will be the first to admit that my husband and I don't always have the smoothest conversations. So when researchers suggested that a performance review could improve my marriage I was curious.
You’re Most Miserable in Your 40s
We all remember being in our 20's. Our biggest worry was paying our rent on time and not getting fired. Life was so wonderful and easy.  If you feel like you might never be as happy as your were in your 20's there is good news. You'll find that happiness again ...
10 Things To Do With Tomatos
If your garden did well this year, you probably feel like you have made everything you can think of with tomatoes. Here are 10 more health ways to enjoy your tomatoes:
Are Teenagers Better Liars Than Adults?
Every teenager is going to try and lie to their parents at one point or another. It's part of growing up. Some kids might put a lot of thought and preparation into their lie. Because of this, they might be a better liar than you.
Wolf Being Trained as Therapy Dog
Anyone that has stayed in the hospital for a long period of time knows that service dogs can be extremely useful for lifting moods. When choosing a breed for a service dog I would think anything with WOLF in it would be out of the question.
Should Vicious Pet Owners Face Tougher Penalties?
Warning - The video below contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.
Warning - The video above contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.
Following the pit bull attack in New York, we got to talking about what we can do to help prevent these kinds of things ha…
At What Age Do You Let Your Kids Go to the Fair Alone?
If you know me, you probably know that I tend to lean towards the overly cautious side.  I don't know if it's because I watch too much TV or it's because of the time I lost my parents at the grocery store for a full five minutes when I was seven. Bottom line:  I worry when I…
Is The Cannibal Rollercoaster Scary?
Let's talk roller coasters. The buzz around Twin Falls is the new coaster at Lagoon, "Cannibal". Lagoon has been working on the new coaster for 7 years. It started with a team of engineers, and it ended with a long line of thrill seekers waiting to ride the new coaster.

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