Is This Bridge Prettier Than The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls?
While on Spring Break we came across a beautiful bridge in Oregon. To most people it may have seemed like just another bridge, but for us it was a time to enjoy Mother Nature. This little pit stop was greatly needed and seeing the bridge reminded us of home because of our beloved Perrier Bridge.
Do You Tell These White Lies?
Let's be honest when it comes to lies. I realize none of mean to lie but it happens from time to time. So, which lies do you tell the most. According to DirecTV, these are the most common white lies:
UPDATE: What Magic Valley School Has the Best Mascot?
Thank you to everyone in the Magic Valley that voted for their favorite mascot. The results are in!
We were highly impressed that Filer Wildcats took second. Good job Filer! Canyon Ridge students had the most votes giving them the bragging rights of having the BEST mascot in The Magic Valley...
Where Are The Worst Pot Holes in Twin Falls?
Twin Falls had seen a lot of snow, freezing rain, ice, more snow and cold temps.  This winters weather has left us with more pot holes than we've ever seen before. Yesterday I hit a huge pothole on Poleline and Blue Lakes. It almost took my tire and off...
Are Twin Falls Kids Little Thieves?
I love my little bundles of joy but sometimes they can ruin my week because they are little thieves! Thieves may be too strong of a word but I am tired of them high-jacking my phone. It's not like they don't have their own devices.
And the Worst Intersection in Twin Falls Is…?
As Twin Falls has grown over the last several years, getting around town is a little more challenging that it used to be. Here's our unofficial list of the the top 5 worst intersections in Twin Falls.
Do You Hate January?
I realize the first of the year is suppose to be a fresh start. A time to set new goals and accomplish great things! BUT...I secretly hate January.

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