Worst Drive Thru In Twin Falls
I hate to complain but some things are just ridiculous. Last week I discovered the worst drive thru in Twin Falls. I was stuck in the drive thru for 35 minutes. My order was wrong and the employee acted like I owed her a huge favor for getting me any food at all.
This made me realize that maybe we ne…
This Twin Falls Business Has The Best Customer Service
UPDATE - Thanks to everyone that took our customer service poll. The results are in! According to Twin Falls residences Dutch Bro.'s has the best customer service. Check out the full list of local business with great customer service below.
Original Story: I hope this has never happened to you but o…
Twin Falls Isn’t The Best for Student Loan Debt
The cost of college goes up every year, making it difficult for parents and students to cover the cost without some kind of loan. We checked to see how Twin Falls’ student debt compares to the rest of the country.
Top 5 Worst Things Done At The Office
Our co-workers are pretty much family, like it or not! While I am sure you don't consider "Bob" from accounting like as a brother you probably know more about him than you know about your real brother.
Is This Bridge Prettier Than The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls?
While on Spring Break we came across a beautiful bridge in Oregon. To most people it may have seemed like just another bridge, but for us it was a time to enjoy Mother Nature. This little pit stop was greatly needed and seeing the bridge reminded us of home because of our beloved Perrier Bridge.

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