Is It Rude to Ask Your Guests to Take Off Their Shoes?
Shoes are gross. We walk in public bathrooms, through mud puddles, across grass that has been used as a restroom for animals and then we walk in our houses. Some things in life you can look past others you can not!
Do you make your guests take off their shoes when they come into your home?
What Do You Think of Doggie Doo?
Are you familiar with this game? My kids love it! It's truly the only game they can play for over an hour without getting bored. I don't love the game but its hard to get rid of something that makes your kids laugh and keeps them entertained...
How Much is the Stuff in Your Purse Worth?
I believe that my grandma has thousands of dollars worth of stuff in her purse.  Her purse is the size of a suitcase and the stuff inside could be sold at antique stores.  But I'm pretty sure my purse has $5.00 worth of valuables in it. I may be wrong. According to a new survey from the Daily Mail, …
Are Road Hunters Lazy, Law Breakers? [Poll]
There doesn't seem to be much middle ground on this one.  Either you think you should be able to whip out a rifle and hunt from a vehicle or not.
Here are your calls from the show today.
Do You Have Any Tricks To Save Money on Halloween?
It's hard to keep costs down during Halloween especially if you have more than one child. A lot of moms save money by making their child's Halloween costumes. I'm not that talented. If I could sew more than the basic blanket I would try to make my children's costumes. Buy...
Should Your Company Make Everyone’s Salary Public Knowledge?
There's NO bigger secret at work than how much money everyone makes. A small but growing number of companies around the U.S. are breaking that taboo . . . and making everyone's salary public knowledge.  WHY?  Here are the top three reasons.
1.  Trust.  When there's full transparency, no one can SUSPE…
Should the Redskins Change Their Name?
In May 2013 ten members of Congress sent a letter to Dan Snyder (Redskins owner) and the NFL Commissioner requesting that the "Redskins" name be changed since it is offensive to Native Americans. Dan Snyder responded that the name will never change, and in June 2013 Roger Goodell cited the…
How Old is Too Old to Trick Or Treat? [Audio]
Today we were talking about an age cut off for trick or treating.
Jackie thinks all ages are welcome to candy.  I think it should be saved for the kids.  Although, after today's calls, I might be rethinking my stance.  A few of you took me to task and asked if I'd rather have…
3 Cartoon Sidekicks We Loved To Hate
I don’t care how old I get, I’ve always loved cartoons.  I watched them when I was a kid and to this day, when I’m flipping through the channels, I’ll stop for while if I land on Justice League or SpongeBob.
The other day I caught a…

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