Is It Okay To Watch Netflix at Work? [Poll]
Is it okay to watch Netflix at your desk during the day? Now I realize that this question might lead you to immediately say, "No way!"  But before you answer, I'd like you to really think about it.
What’s Something You Want to Like, But Just Can’t?
Do you have anything you really WANT to like, but just can't?  You know . . . something your friends love, so you TRY to like it . . . but you just don't?
According to reddit.com, here are the top eight things people say they just can't get into, even if they're supposed to . . .
1.  The beach
2.  WOOD…
Filer, Idaho Police Officer Shoots and Kills Dog – Twin Falls Reacts
A video from the Filer, Idaho Police Department has shocked the Magic Valley. It shows Filer Police Officer Tarek Hassani responding to a call about loose dogs in a neighborhood. When confronted by two dogs Officer Hassani shoots one.
Did Officer Hassani make the right decision? Here's what Twin…
Big Ed Beckley Jump – Twin Falls Speaks Out
Most of us learned last night that the Twin Falls City Council decided 5-2 that Twin Falls would not enter into a lease agreement with Beckley Media to allow Big Ed Beckley to jump The Snake River Canyon at the Evel Knievel jump site.
Today on Top Story on NewsRadio 1310 KLIX, Mayor Don Hall cited sa…

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