The GM Commercial Parody that GM Doesn’t Want You To Watch
As GM continues to deal with the aftermath of their ignition switch problems and the growing list of cars that are added to the recall list, HBO's John Oliver took shots at the carmaker and tore apart a memo that GM released to its employees that instructed GM workers on kind of language a…
E3Port Card: EA E3 2013 Media Briefing
Now we move to EA, who had a pretty decent showing last year with a lot of new and unexpected titles. Were they able to make good on their promises, or are we still waiting for the best parts to come true?
Ten Things Women Stop Wearing Once They Become Moms
A new survey found 78% of women say they made BIG changes to the way they dressed once they became mothers.  Here are the top 10 things they stop wearing.
1.  Short skirts.
2.  High heels.  Mothers wear heels an average of two inches shorter than the heels they wore before...
Do You Support The Filer Mayor/City Council Recall Efforts [poll]
Following the February shooting of a service dog by Filer police officer Tarek Hassani and the investigation by the Nampa Police department, Filer residents have  now begun the process to recall Mayor Rick Dunn as well as the four Council Members and have collected enough signatures needed…
On the Cheap: Batman: The Brave and the Bold For Nintendo DS
I think it's pretty safe to say that we're all eagerly anticipating the release of Arkham Knight this fall, but for some of us, October is way too long to wait for the thrill of Batman punching people right in the face. Sure, you could play through the first two games again, but why bother…
Paramount’s ‘Noah’ Faces Both Criticism and Support
When I first say the trailer for the upcoming move, 'Noah' featuring Russell Crowe, I was taken back by it's scale.  It looks to be epic... as it should be.  The story of Noah and the Ark is arguably one of most well known stories of the Old Testament...
What’s The Worst Thing Your Kids Ever Did?
I have a toddler and a 7 year old, so at this point we have an understanding in my home. They are both old enough to understand the rules. However, I do remember when they first started crawling and "no" was a just a word that mommy and daddy said a lot.
Is It Okay To Watch Netflix at Work? [Poll]
Is it okay to watch Netflix at your desk during the day? Now I realize that this question might lead you to immediately say, "No way!"  But before you answer, I'd like you to really think about it.

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