The Most Influential Toys of All Time
I don't know why but I find myself obsessed with lists like this. I think it's because I like to read them and go over all the stuff that I think's missing.  So why don't we?  Read this list of the most influential toys of all time, according to Time Magazine and let me…
How Do I Confront Kids About Kicking Rocks Out of My Flowerbed?
My house happens to be a bus stop. No big deal.  Parents show up, they drop their kids off and most of them wait in their cars until the bus comes while the kids talk and play along my fence line.  Which also isn't a problem... Except that they keep kicking the rocks out of the bed an…
Christmas is Coming!
A lot of us claim not to celebrate holidays early, but retailers wouldn't put out Christmas items unless consumers bought them. Right?
I'm a true believer that October is for Halloween, November is for Thanksgiving and December is for Christmas.
Should Cell Phone Be Allowed in the Classroom?
This year the Twin Falls School District leadership team revamped the personal electronic device policy. They believe that personal electronic devices have become powerful tools, and by using them in the classroom students become better prepared for the modern world. Eva Craner, Community Relations …
Am I the Only Guy Who’s Not Comfortable Using the Ladies Room?
I've been told by all my friends and almost everyone I work with that I need to get over myself and use the ladies room.
The men's room at the office is undergoing repairs and in the mean time, we have been instructed to use the ladies room.  Is it just me or am I the only guy on the p…

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