How in the Heck to You Grill a Well Done Steak That’s Not Dry?
I love to grill.  My problem is, I'm not always very good at it. I can usually turn out a good product but my results are sometimes inconsistent.
I do a pretty good job choosing meat and picking seasoning and marinades.   I can grill up what I think is a pretty killer medium to medium …
Is Mother’s Day More Important Than Father’s Day?
It's no surprise that moms and dads work their tails off trying to provide for a family and run a household. That being said, I think Mothers Day and Fathers Day are important holidays. It seems like over the years we have made a big deal out of Mothers Day. There are Mothers Day brunches, lunc…
Danny Marona Celebrity Roast and Dinner [EVENT]
Danny Marona is a local celebrity in the Magic Valley and this weekend the tables will turn as other comedians take comedic stabs at him during the Danny Marona Celebrity Roast and Dinner at the Twin falls Senior Center on Saturday April 25th.
Would You Fire Someone Through Text?
We've all seen the power of social media the last several years, with businesses utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, an entire site dedicated to networking and is now a publicly traded company.
Should There Be A Fundraiser To Save The Motor Vu Drive In [POLL]
We just got some bad news this morning that the Twin Falls Motor-Vu Drive In is shutting down. There was a break in a water line over the winter that went unnoticed and caused a lot of damage making the cost to repair (along with the difficulty in finding 35mm film that the theater uses) outwei…
CSI Disc Golf Tournament Saturday [EVENT]
When I moved to Twin Falls one of the things that really surprised me (besides the actual size and view of the Perrine Bridge) was that disc golf is so big here! There are multiple courses to play and practice on - even the kids at some schools get to play.

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