Why Support St. Jude?
It costs $1.8 million a day to operate St. Jude, and public donations provide more than 70 percent of their funding. The support of caring people like you helps ensure that St. Jude Children's Research Hospital will continue its lifesaving mission of finding cures and saving children.
Star Wars The Force Awakens – Gender Swap Movie Trailer [VIDEO]
The force is strong with this Voice Swap Movie Trailer. The entire world is excited for the new Star Wars movies! Those who grew up with the movies are beyond excited for the nostalgia and younger generations are excited because their parents are excited. Plus the latest trailer makes the movie…
The Twin Falls Bruin Statue In Need of Some TLC [Photos]
If you ever attended Twin Falls High School, you can't help but remember the statue of the bruin, which stood proudly in the main foyer.  The Twin Falls Bruin statue has been retired since 2005 and a committee is working to restore it.
Five Things That Make Idaho Awesome
I've always lived in big cities. I grew up in Houston, and went to college in Boston. So while I wasn't sure if Idaho was going to work out when I made the move in 2008, I've since grown to see why Idaho is a great place to live.
Here are five things that make Idaho awesome...
How in the Heck to You Grill a Well Done Steak That’s Not Dry?
I love to grill.  My problem is, I'm not always very good at it. I can usually turn out a good product but my results are sometimes inconsistent.
I do a pretty good job choosing meat and picking seasoning and marinades.   I can grill up what I think is a pretty killer medium to medium …
Is Mother’s Day More Important Than Father’s Day?
It's no surprise that moms and dads work their tails off trying to provide for a family and run a household. That being said, I think Mothers Day and Fathers Day are important holidays. It seems like over the years we have made a big deal out of Mothers Day. There are Mothers Day brunches, lunc…

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