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Legendary Comedian Jerry Lewis Dies at 91
Today the world of comedy lost one of its brightest stars. Jerry Lewis was no stranger to controversy during his decades-long career, but his impact on both Hollywood and comedy in general cannot be denied. From his early days as Dean Martin’s partner-in-crime to his career-capping turn in Ma…
If You Want to Be a Movie Star in Idaho, Go Here
Many of us growing up say that we'd love to be a movie star. Most of us never follow through with it. Instead, we choose to voluntarily work at gas stations or even worse, talk on the radio for a living. But, if you're serious, this is one of your options to really try and be a movie star …
Idaho’s Favorite Star Wars Episode Is A Disappointment
This isn't like a 'disturbance in the force' kind of disturbing. This is the 'you had a bright future and you blew it' kind of disturbing. There are 8 Star Wars episodes to choose from and Idaho picked the worst of them all. This is beyond disturbing - this is disappointing.

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