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Are Leggings Undergarments?
I read an article yesterday about leggings. Leggings have been a trend for the past five years or so. I always thought that leggings would just naturally work themselves out of the fashion industry, but the trend seems to be growing. Leggings now come in all different colors, prints, shapes and size…
New Twin Falls School Name and Mascot
The Twin Falls School District is still trying to decide on names and mascots for the new schools coming to Twin Falls. Over 200 nominations have been submitted to the school district. The district narrowed it down to the suggested names below.
Christmas is Coming!
We have 47 days until Christmas. I know that some of you are completely finished with your Christmas shopping and others haven't started at all. If you have started your Christmas shopping do you know that you're going to blow right past your Christmas budget?
Election Day Information
November 4th 2014 is election day. GO VOTE! A lot of residence feel like their vote doesn't count, but if everyone voted our poll results would be a very different. Which means, our state would be a lot different! That being said...please click on the links below, that have been provided by Idahovot…
Winter Storm Headed To Twin Falls
Sometimes in southern Idaho we see snow in August, and sometimes we don't see snow until January. It looks like November 1st or 2nd could be the magically date for snow in the Magic Valley for 2014.
So throw your flowers away and grab your snow shovels. Winter is coming!

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