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The 10 Best Places To Eat in Idaho
When I go out of town, eating at a new place is part of the fun. But you can't pick just any new place. You need a good recommendation. The Culture Trip came up with the best places to eat in Idaho and Twin Falls made the list.
Is It Wrong To Keep Christmas Presents For Yourself?
When we Christmas shop for our family we usually buy things that we personally like. So it's not unheard of to buy something for someone and then end up keeping it for yourself, but does that make us selfish? Probably but everyone does it.
Should Christmas Bonuses Be Standard?
If you are a business owner Christmas can be stressful for several reasons. Employees will be taking time off. Tax season is right around the corner. Year-end paper work is due. Your company will lose productivity because of vacations. So the last thing you might want to do is hand out Christmas bon…
Paying It Forward in Twin Falls
It's the time of year when people are paying it forward. I saw a tremendous amount of toys being donated for Toys for Tots this year. An anonymous person paid for my families meal at a local restaurant and some people's layaway are being paid off.
Suprising Ways To Prevent the Flu
The flu is here. Ugh! My littlest son was sick last week, my oldest and I are sick this week. The radio station has been one big flu virus all month so it's time to read up on ways to prevent sickness.  According to there are some surprising ways to prevent the flu or a cold.

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