Could The Ebola Virus Spread To Idaho?
With the World Health Organization now reporting as many as 1,600 cases of Ebola in West Africa, a confirmed case in Atlanta, and a possible case in Manhattan, I think all of us have wondered what are the chances of Ebola spreading to Idaho?
5 Hot Weather Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life
Summer is upon us and temperatures are already soaring into the 90's. According to the American Red Cross, approximately 400 Americans lose their lives due to summer's blazing heat. Taking some simple precautions and drinking plenty of water could save your life this summer...
How To Administer First Aid for Heat Stroke
With temperatures on the rise, the odds of heat stroke increase.
If you suspect that someone has heat stroke, you should call 911 or transport the person to a hospital right away. A delay seeking medical help can be fatal.

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