Magic Valley Bulldawgs Want You to Play Football
Hey, there is plenty of opportunity for softball here in the Magic Valley. My church even does basketball. But is there something for contact football outside of high school/college? The answer is a resounding YES!!!!
Twin Falls Rallies for Teen with Terminal Illness
Sometimes the internet can be a wonderful thing.
14-year-old Jacob Priestley has Mitochondrial Disease, which has no cure at this time. Jacob’s birthday is August 28th, and this year he wants to receive 100,000 birthday cards and raise awareness at the same time...
Legal Smoking Age In Idaho
Currently the legal smoking age in Idaho is 18 years of age. The group of people that believe this is too young is quickly growing in Idaho.
Testing Your Drinking Water In Idaho
If your household gets its water from a private well it is solely your responsibility to make sure your drinking water doesn’t become contaminated. If your household water comes from a public drinking water system your water provider is responsible for ensuring water quality.

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