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It’s Really Snowing in Twin Falls [Video]
Being the brave, fool-hearty sort that I am, I ventured out into the 17 degree weather and tried to capture footage of the snow. Luckily I only managed to frostbite three of my toes, and five of my fingers... but the video is worth it.
Terry’s Free App of the Day: Travel In Your Past With Timehop
I'm pretty obsessed with time travel. The fact that leading physicists actually believe that some form of travel across time could be theoretically possible makes my Spidey-Sense tingle. Unfortunately that sort of time travel probably won't happen in my lifetime (unless you have a spare time machine…
Our Top 5 Favorite Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Duets
We're giving you a chance to fly to sunny Las Vegas to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill live in concert at the Venetian. The reigning King and Queen of country music, their love has always been on display in their music, especially the duets. Let's take a look at our Top 5 Favorite Tim McGraw…

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