Five Times That It’s Okay to Lie to Your Boss
I think it's safe to say that when it comes to your standing at the office, you should never lie to your boss.  But according to the author of a book called "Business Without the ", here are five situations where lying to your boss is actually a good idea.
Am I the Only Guy Who’s Not Comfortable Using the Ladies Room?
I've been told by all my friends and almost everyone I work with that I need to get over myself and use the ladies room.
The men's room at the office is undergoing repairs and in the mean time, we have been instructed to use the ladies room.  Is it just me or am I the only guy on the p…
Pet Birthday Parties [POLL]
New trend alert! Apparently, people are having Birthday parties for their animals. Especially on milestone Birthdays like the 1st Birthday, the 13th Birthday and the 16th Birthday.
Should Men Shave Their Back Hair [POLL]
Let's talk about fairness in our world today. Women are expected/required to shave basically everything except their heads while men are allowed to look like Sasquatch or lumber jacks. Is it fair?
Is Halloween Just For Children? [Poll]
Every year my husband and I dress up with our kids for Halloween (and they love it!), but some people have suggested that we should leave "dress up time" to the kids. Is Halloween just for kids?
Twin Falls Walk MS to Support Research and Funding to Battle MS
Ida Rogers of the National MS Society, Utah/Southern Idaho Chapter talked with us about Multiple Sclerosis and the need to raise funds in the Magic Valley?  Idaho has the highest incident rate of MS in the nation with about one in every 300 people in Idaho suffering from MS...

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