Snow at Pomerelle Mountain
The cold weather is upon us. While me might not like putting away our flip flops and shorts we are excited to dust off our snowboards and skis.
Time With Your Family
Most of feel like we don't get enough time with our families but I would hope that we get more than one hour of quality time without families. Although, when I think about everything that happens during the week: work, school, school activities, sports, homework etc...
3 Tips To Save Your Kids Teeth This Halloween
Every child looks forward to devouring a bag of candy on Halloween. Every parent is worried all that Halloween candy will cause an awful trip to the dentist. According to Journal Star there are three tips that could save your child's teeth this Halloween. These tips might be hard to follow but …
CSI Corn Maze Was Damaged
Every year my family and I look forward to going to the CSI Corn Maze. CSI's horticulture students work hard every year to make the CSI Corn Maze possible. The horticulture students were extremely disappointed when vandals tried to destroy the maze on Sunday afternoon.
Gory Halloween Decorations
Rather you want a friendly witch in your front yard, or a field of zombies covered in blood. You can buy almost any kind of Halloween decoration you want, until your neighbors complain.
Changes For Pryor Paddle
Have you paddle boarded or kayaked on the snake river? This has become a very popular activity in southern Idaho.

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