Have You Been To This Beautiful Idaho Destination?
I have to admit, I don't always like to share my pictures of Idaho. I like to keep certain places a secret. However, the following photo gallery is of an Idaho State Park so I'm pretty sure it's not a secret. Have you been to this beautiful Idaho destination...
Labor Day Sales in Twin Falls
Labor day isn't just a day to sleep in, relax, and go the final day of the Twin Falls County Fair. It's also a great day to save money. You know...buy now and save. While this statement makes no sense, if you want to take advantage of the sales going on in Twin Falls, or online here they a…
The Best Way To Wake Up Your Kids
Waking up your kids can be as big of a chore as getting them to go to sleep on time. We have all experienced the child who refuses to get out of bed. While you may want to dump a small glass of water on them, there are better ways to get them to open their eyes.
Is The Albion College Haunted?
Before the Albion College was the Haunted Mansions of Albion, it was just an old abandoned college. A college that some locals would say is haunted!
Twin Falls Local Celebrities First Jobs
There are a few names in Twin Falls that everyone knows. These individuals are well known for their hard work, dedication to our community and overall success. There involvement in our community and ability to be successful makes them local celebrities to Twin Falls residents.
Is This How You Go To The Pool In Twin Falls?
As a parent, I know that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your kids happy. If your 4 year old has to have their gigantic whale floaty while they're at the pool, you get the gigantic whale floaty to the pool - even if that means strapping it the top of your car. Right?
Drugs in Magic Valley Schools
I'd like to pretend that there isn't a drug problem in America. More importantly I'd like to pretend there isn't a drug problem in our Magic Valley schools.
How Do You Survive a Road Trip With Kids?
I'd like to tell you that I found a bunch of tips that will make your upcoming road trip a dream. An easy dream where your kids contiune acting like the angels that they are, but I didn't.
Where Are The Worst Stop Lights in Twin Falls?
If you live in Twin Falls, you have probably been stuck at a stop light all by yourself with no cars in sight. Especially if you are on the road at an odd hour. Some of our stop lights in Twin Falls are on a timer system. If you are driving at 4 am, the timer can be very annoying.

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