Is a Truck a Good Vehicle For a Mom To Own?
I never thought I would want a truck because as a mother. I assumed that a truck would not offer the interior space for my kids and the cargo space I need for my numerous trips to the grocery store. I was wrong!
Are Cars Better Than Trucks?
If you want to know the truth about anything, ask a 7 year old! People in Idaho will argue that trucks are the only type of vehicle Idahoans should drive. We are farmers and ranchers, we get every kind of weather imaginable and apparently...once you own a truck you won't own anything else.
Are You Ready For Your Kids to go Back To School?
Yesterday I saw a flier for, "Back To School". Every mom feels slightly overwhelmed when "Back to School" is mentioned. There is a lot to do in order to get your kids ready for school... AND, back to school time is extremely expensive! So, you can imagine my surpr…
What Annoys You Most on Facebook?
Are you tired of Facebook, or just annoyed by certain Facebook trends? Trends like: Throwback Thursday, games, Flipagram, your feed not updating, people sharing too much information etc.
How Much Do You Spend on the 4th of July?
Holiday's can be expensive! You may think the 4th of July is an inexpensive holiday because it's not celebrated with gifts. But the average family ends up spending $318.00 on the 4th of July and Americans as a whole spend $645million dollars on fireworks alone!
Jackie Drives a Buick
Most of us think that Buick's are only for Grandma's. That is until you actually test drive one! The Buick Encore is a great little car with all the luxury features you would expect from a Buick, beautiful interior and INSANE gas mileage. With it's fuel-efficient 1.4L turbocharged eng…
New Restaurant in Twin Falls Offers Mexican Hot Dogs
Sonora Restaurant just opened on Friday in Twin Falls. Sonora's is a little different than a traditional Mexican Restaurant. Their business is based around hot dogs. Yup, Mexican Hot Dogs! Sonoran-style hot dogs are a hugely popular street food in Sonora. Often called Mexican hot dogs.
Twin Falls City Fireworks Regulations
If you haven't seen the police reader board on Blue Lakes by the Perrine Bridge, please note that it clearly states, "all aerial fireworks are illegal." Most of us are aware that aerial fireworks are illegal, but still have a crazy Uncle...who always buys illegal fireworks.
The New Shell Station in Twin Falls is Open!
Call me crazy, but I actually had fun getting gas yesterday. I think most of us love new things. I don't know anyone that doesn't love new shoes, new cars, new houses, etc. So it makes sense that we would love using a brand new gas station.

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