Black Wednesday at PFCU
Join Jackie for Black Wednesday at Pioneer Federal Credit Union from 5am to 7am on Wednesday, November 25th.
Black Wednesday is the New Black Friday and Biggest Wednesday of the Year. You won't see interest rates this low anywhere!
Are Leggings Undergarments?
I read an article yesterday about leggings. Leggings have been a trend for the past five years or so. I always thought that leggings would just naturally work themselves out of the fashion industry, but the trend seems to be growing. Leggings now come in all different colors, prints, shapes and size…
Is Kim Kardashian Hot or Not?
I still can't figure out...how in the world, is this chick famous? She's not a musician, actress or active model. As far as I am concerned, she's a girl with a pretty face and a HUGE badonkadonk. She put out an awful tape and got lucky when Ryan Seacrest gave her family a reality show…
Christmas is Coming!
We have 47 days until Christmas. I know that some of you are completely finished with your Christmas shopping and others haven't started at all. If you have started your Christmas shopping do you know that you're going to blow right past your Christmas budget?

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