Is CrossFit Better Than Lifting Weights?
If you made a New Years resolution to get more fit, or you have been involved in the fitness industry in the past. You may have an opinion or questions about CrossFit verse weight lifting.
Do You Shop End of Season Sales? [Poll]
By the time Christmas is over, I am usually completely over shopping... But, this year I have already started shopping for Christmas 2015 because I couldn't pass up the deals! When do you start shopping?
How Far Can You Travel Without a Key Faub? [Sponsored]
If you have a new vehicle, like the 2014 Nissan Morano from Rob Green Auto Group, you probably have a push start ignition. If you are like me, you may a few questions regarding the push start ignition. The biggest question I have is: If you start your car with the key faub inside the car, but then d…
Top New Years Resoultions
Most of us will make a resolution tonight to change something in our life. According to USA.gov, here are the top New Years resolutions that people will make in 2015.

Lose Weight
Jackie Found a Great LUXURY SUV [Sponsored]
Lets be honest, if you are looking for the best SUV on the market, you might start by shopping vehicles that look like a rugged SUV that belong in the the jungle. I know this because I have shopped for the best SUV's on the market. After some education, I learned that most brand name SUVs …
Suprising Ways To Prevent the Flu
The flu is here. Ugh! My littlest son was sick last week, my oldest and I are sick this week. The radio station has been one big flu virus all month so it's time to read up on ways to prevent sickness.  According to health.com there are some surprising ways to prevent the flu or a cold.

Lose the booz…

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