Father’s Day

S*#t My Dad Says
It’s funny how things come full circle. I remember my dad teaching me how to bait a hook like it was last week.
Today, I spend countless hours trying to help him program his remote and even more time trying to explain to him what “The Twitter” is.
Just because Dad is a little behind the times, doesn’t…
Does Father’s Day Gets More Attention Than Mother’s Day?

For as long as I can remember my mom has always planned stuff for Father's Day...she always calls my siblings and I to make sure that we didn't forget about Father's Day.
I don't recall my dad ever saying much about Mother's Day. So in my mind a much bigger deal is made about Father's Day than Mothe…
5 Useful Gift Ideas for Father’s Day
Dad is going to love you no matter what you get him, but seriously, he really doesn't need another tie. This year, get him something he might actually use, like one of these five ideas for Father's Day gifts that can do a heck of a lot more than a "World's Best Dad&…
10 Awesome TV Remote Controls for Father’s Day
Is there any home accessory more fought-over than the remote control? TV-loving dads have long had to establish that they are masters of their domain by commandeering the clicker from the kids.
But why should fathers settle for a remote that just changes the channels when they can have one that also …
Show Us Dad’s “Trophy” And You Could Win!
Who spent all of those hours in the back yard with you patiently working on your curve ball? Dad. Then who did you say "hi" to when they interviewed you on the news when you won the game? Mom.
That's cold.
Father's are the unsung heroes of the family and it's time for us to give dad a little…
5 Funniest Father’s Day Cards on the Web
Ties and golf clubs are dandy for Father's Day, but to dads with a sharp sense of humor, it's the card that counts. We trolled the internet to find the funniest cards out there to purchase, print and even send digitally (no stamps required!).