Father’s Day

What to do for Father’s Day in Twin Falls?
Father's Day is this Sunday in Twin Falls, so what are you doing with dad?  Dad's are cooler than moms, sorry mom, because dad's just want to hang out.  You don't have to buy them anything, but I'm sure he'd be OK with that too.
5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts Dad May Actually Want
Father's Day is tomorrow. If you read that line and you're shocked, that's bad news. Still, there's time to get out and pick up something cool that might really make the big guy happy. We've pulled together five gifts ideas that you can round up in a hurry and dad will actua…
10 Lessons We Learned from TV Dads
The perfect dad is, of course, a made-up one. A dad you could mute whenever you wanted — except why would you want to when he always doles out his advice with deadpan delivery, well-written wisdom or the perfect punchline? In other words, TV dads are the most perfect dads of all.

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